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Global Reformbnb

The GlobalReformbnb is an international association of hotel associations from cities, regions, destinations and national and/or supranational levels.

About Us

We Are Shaping The Future

Global ReformBnB is an international association of different hotel associations and carefully selected allied members to define measures for the tourist rental industry. The aim is to develop joint projects and exchange strategic ideas, all with the aim of promoting fair rules in the field of tourism accommodation and digital distribution, as well as addressing new challenges and threats.

Since the hospitality industry is facing a global problem, one which crosses national and city boundaries, the existence of a global organization was required. Global Reformbnb will help us achieve the goals that it would be very difficult for the hotel associations of the world to achieve individually. Our association will give a better visibility and legitimacy at the time of completing tasks and taking actions before third parties.

Global ReformBnB will work towards the following objectives:


Development of joint projects on relevant issues affecting the hotel industry worldwide, with a special focus on the Short Term Rental (STR) market and digital distribution platforms.


Representing its member associations and defending their interests and sharing their knowledge and positioning.


Creating content to be published on relevant topics.

Best Practices

To exchange best practices between member associations and promote their use.


To promote its goals and objectives with national and international institutions.

Our Team

Our Members

Executive Comitee


We bring the right people together to challenge established thinking and drive transformation.

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